Thursday, February 4, 2010

We Love Crazy Applebee's Ladies!!

Yes, yes, I do acknowledge that this is the 3rd post in one day, (although only the second by yours truly, THING 2) but bear with me. This Applebee's trip is... noteworthy.

So, we walk into Applebee's. What's that slogan again?

Oh, right. How could I forget??

Anyways... the crazy old hostess asks if we're all 21 w/ IDs. I'm... well, to put it frankly, obviously not. (Hardly a teenager, really!!) But crazy THING 1 and her shenanigans just HAS to tease the old lady into thinking that I am. Glasses, lady! They're a great invention!

And JUST as we're about to be seated in the bar.... sake bombs, anyone? My mom speaks up and does what's right... and we're placed in a booth on the other end of the restaurant.

Oh, well... maybe next time! ;)
(Ok seriously, mom, that last part was a joke. Don't worry!!)


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  1. That's funny! People used to think I was older than I was, too. Cool post!